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Montgolfier brothers Hot Air Balloons

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TITLE: [Collecting cards with pictures of events in ballooning history from 1783 to 1883] CALL NUMBER: LOT 13416, no. 31 [P&P] Check for an online group record (may link to related items)

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On 4 June 1783, the Montgolfiers flew this craft as their first public demonstration at Annonay in front of a group of dignitaries from the Etats particulars. Its flight covered 2 km (1.2 mi), lasted 10 minutes, and had an estimated altitude of 1.600 - 2.000m (5,200 - 6,600 ft). Word of their success quickly reached Paris.

Etienne went to the capital to make further demonstrations and to solidify the brothers' claim to the invention of flight. Joseph, given his unkempt appearance and shyness, remained with the family. Etienne was the epithome of sober virtues ... modest in clothes and manner... He was dressed stylishly in black.

In collaboration with the successful manufacturer, Jean-Baptiste Réveillon, Etienne constructed a 37,500 cubic foot envelope of taffeta coated with a varnish of alum. The balloon was sky blue and with golden flourishes, signs of the zodiac, suns. The design was the influence of Réveillon, a wallpaper maker.

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CONTENTS: No. 1. Les frères Montgolfier ... (1883) -- No. 2. 1re expérience aerostatique a Annonay (1783) -- No. 3. Charles lance ... à Paris le premier aérostat (1783) -- No. 4. Premier voyage aérien ... Pilâtre de Rozier et d'Arlandes (1783) -- No. 5. Premier voyage aérien ... par Charles et Robert (1783) -- No. 6. 1er essai de direction de ballons ...(1784 Guyton de Morveau) -- No. 7. Traversée en balon du Pas-de-Calais par Blanchard et Jefferies (1785) -- No. 8. Mort de Pilâtre de Rozier et de Romain (1785) -- No. 9. Les Aérostiers de la première République -- No. 10. L'Entreprenant, ballon monté par Coutelle ... bataille de Fleurus.

MEDIUM: 10 prints (ephemera) (1 sheet) : chromolithograph.

CREATED, PUBLISHED: Paris : Romanet & cie., imp. edit., [between 1890 and 1900] NOTES: Title devised by Library staff. Sheet of 10 uncut cards; individually numbered and issued as "Collection 476", "1re série." Captions in French are printed on the verso of each card. Tissandier collection.

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