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Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins (8 February 1807- 27 January 1894) from Johnsons Natural History 1871 United States. Originally published in 1859, with title: Illustrated natural history of the animal kingdom.

Woolly mammoths, descended from ancestors in Africa, were widespread in northern Europe, Asia, and North America during the last Ice Age. However, by 11,000 years ago, they all had died out, except for tiny isolated populations that held out for another few thousand years.

A large genetic study of the extinct woolly mammoth has revealed that the species was not one large homogenous group, as scientists previously had assumed, and that it did not have much genetic diversity.

Woolly Mammoth Clip Art

Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth

"The population was split into two groups, then one of the groups died out 45,000 years ago, long before the first humans began to appear in the region," said Stephan C. Schuster, associate professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at Penn State University and a leader of the research team. "This discovery is particularly interesting because it rules out human hunting as a contributing factor, leaving climate change and disease as the most probable causes of extinction." - Woolly-mammoth gene study changes extinction theory.

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