Sunday, October 17, 2010

Birth of a Nation Poster

Birth of a Nation PosterBirth of a Nation Poster. Author: Unknown; distributed by Epoch Film Co.

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Birth of a Nation premiered with the title "The Clansman" is a 1915 American silent film directed by D. W. Griffith. Set during and after the American Civil War, the film was based on Thomas Dixon's The Clansman, a novel and play.
It was the highest-grossing film of the silent film era, and is noted for its camera techniques and narrative.

It has provoked controversy for promoting "white supremacy" and positively portraying the "knights" of the Ku Klux Klan as heroes.

Eric M. Armstrong of The Moving Arts Film Journal writes

“ ...The Birth of a Nation is as revered as it is reviled. Its unparalleled innovation and audacity, technically and narratively, coupled with its unprecedented cultural impact, makes it perhaps the single most important film ever made. ”


al oof said...

it isn't really 'controversial'. it's pretty unequivocally racist. just say 'it's also known for being racist' don't pretend like there is some kind of debate about it. the only debate there has been is whether its racism trumps it's artistic merit. personally, i'd say yes, especially a hundred years later when it's artistic influence but racism is still pretty alive and well. i mean, we can't even just say the movie is 'racist' we have to say it's 'controversial'.

al oof said...

that should say "its artistic influence is far removed".

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