Monday, October 18, 2010

Twisted Geodesic Dome

Twisted Geodesic DomeTwisted Geodesic Dome.

On October 18, 1933, R. Buckminster Fuller applies for a patent for his Dymaxion Car.
Fuller designed and built prototypes of what he hoped would be a safer, aerodynamic car, which he called the Dymaxion. "Dymaxion" is said to be a syllabic abbreviation of dynamic maximum tension, or possibly of dynamic maximum ion.

They had three wheels, two front drive wheels and one rear, steered wheel. The engine was in the rear.

The aerodynamic, somewhat tear-shaped body was large enough to seat eleven people and was about 18 feet long.

Despite its length, and due to its three-wheel design, the Dymaxion turned on a small radius and could be parked in a tight space. The prototypes were efficient in fuel consumption for their day, traveling about 30 miles per gallon.

Investors backed out and research ended after one of the prototypes was involved in a high-profile collision that resulted in a fatality.

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